Dialexa is an end-to-end software development and external consulting startup. From launching in-house products and companies such as Vinli, which brings a WiFi Hotspot and custom third party applications to any car, and Robin, an automated lawn care service utilizing custom-made lawn-mowing robots, to partnerships with companies such as Amazon, Uber, JLL, Lockheed Martin, and more, Dialexa has experience with web, mobile, native, hardware, and IoT.

As an intern for two years, I joined Dialexa when the team was only 20 people, and I was there throughout their rapid growth to over 150 employees, two spin-off companies, and countless projects.

During my time at Dialexa, I worked on a variety of projects, including building a bridge between Vinli's hardware readings and its online API service, Q&A work for HiRise, a marketplace to buy and lease office space online, for real estate giant JLL, and communicating with my own client to rapidly develop and iterate upon the firmware for a label-less bioassay system for laboratory group Resonant Sensors.

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